'On Approval'

Subject to availability and other checks, we offer the option to try out several instruments at home, and return any or all of the instruments according to preference. This allows you the convenience of trying several instruments in your own home, tutorial lesson or a sympathetic acoustic of your choice, to better assess the suitability of an intended purchase.

This service is not intended for the short-term hire of instruments for performances!

Please contact us before going through the buying procedure if you are interested in this service.

We ask that you take the utmost care whilst instruments are on approval, and abide by the following conditions for returned items:

  1. All original packaging, tags, labels and accessories to be returned
  2. If you can, we ask you use your own rosin or cork grease
  3. Instruments must be tried in a smoke-free environment (which includes fellow humans!)
  4. No lipstick/makeup please when trying recorders, and it's wise to clean teeth beforehand
  5. Jewellery, rings, belts, buckles can scratch delicate finishes, so take care and remove them
  6. Easy does it, no more than 15 minutes per day for new recorders
  7. Contact us beforehand, before you return anything

We allow up to 7 days to make up your mind, so just get in touch once you've made your decision and we'll advise further.

You are responsible for all shipping costs, both outward and return.

This is primarily intended for UK customers, but if you are overseas and interested in this service we may still be able to help, so please contact us.

Lastly, we hope you really enjoy trying out your 'forever' instrument, so we're always interested in your thoughts and opinions!